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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Canada's Historical Context - Understanding The Crown

On this Canada Day weekend, I wanted to share a graphic that explains the relationship of Canada to the Crown of the British Empire, and why we celebrate Canada Day, not Independence Day.

Canada is a country within the Commonwealth Realm, and operates within the Crown, currently held by Queen Elizabeth II.

This should also give the distinction of what constitutes the United Kingdom and how that is affected by the Brexit vote.  It is important to note that what occurs in the United Kingdom has a direct and profound effect throughout the world, particularly in Canada.

As we celebrate Canada, we should also recognize the history and heritage of our country.  Even with its multicultural demographic makeup, Canada is a country with very close ties to the United Kingdom, Great Britain, and the countries within the British Commonwealth.

Before Confederation was enacted on July 1, 1867, there were British Territories north of the border of the United States of America and the British Empire.  This border was established and ratified following the conflict of the war of 1812, and if not for the bravery of historical figures like Isaac Brock (who actually led the capture of Detroit by pro-British forces and native bands led by Tecumseh) and Laura Secord (who walked 20 miles to alert the British forces of a surprise American attack).

Canada's sovereignty grew incrementally through its history, and we must always remember and commemorate the history and legacy of those who enabled our nation to thrive and exist.

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