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A QualitEvolution is intended to capture positions and experiences as a participant in the evolution of the Quality profession into the 21st century. From its origins as the brainchild of Corporate Industrial Statisticians, our profession has transformed and evolved to incorporate and adapt to the demands and expectations of our modern existence.

The scope of the subject matter within A QualitEvolution extends to the furthest ranges of quality, business transformation, management science, and quality issues especially pertinent to the members of ASQ in Canada.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Publishing at ASQ - Options and Links

ASQ provides members and participants in the Quality Community with ample opportunities to be published in the various magazines and journals.

I have provided some links to be directed to the appropriate websites and online forms to submit content for review and publication.

In addition to the local Section newsletters, ASQ has a range of magazines and journals which accept articles of all ranges and sizes.  

I have provided a job aid below to support any articles you may wish to submit for consideration to any of the larger ASQ publications.  I hope that this encourages you to not only become involved, but to consider obtaining and retaining an ASQ membership as part of your professional enhancement.

ASQ details are available at the Knowledge Center main page.

If you are interested in submitting a manuscript, you can follow the guidance at the links below.

Send manuscripts via e-mail to manuscripts@asq.org . Type the manuscript, double-spaced, and allow at least 1-in. margins.

The world’s largest publisher of quality related products, ASQ offers eight peer-reviewed journals and magazines covering a wide range of topics. 
Who has access?
·         Subscribers to any journal receive print issues for the subscription year plus online access to past issues
·         ASQ full, senior, fellow, and honorary members receive:
o    Quality Progress print subscription, plus online access to past issues
o    Online access to articles published before 2014 in the quarterly journals listed below 
(most recent issues are reserved for subscribers)
·         Associate and student members receive online access to current and past issues of Quality Progress
·         Organizational members and individuals linked to an organizational membership receive electronic access to current and past issues of all journals and magazines
·         All visitors can read sample open-access articles, browse journal and magazine tables of contents, and 
search all articles by publication, keyword, date, and more
Additional open-access and member-benefit publications are also available from topic- and industry-focused 
forums and divisions.
Follow the links below to subscribe to a publication or explore division/forum content offerings. 
Or join ASQ today for access to the most content.


Quality Progress
ASQ’s flagship publication, read by more people than any other magazine on quality, features in-depth articles describing the application of innovative methods. Topics include knowledge management, process improvement, and organizational behavior.


Journal for Quality and Participation
Offers in-depth, comprehensive articles about employee involvement, teamwork, leadership, change management, and more.

Journal of Quality Technology
Covers the technical aspects of quality control, reliability, and related disciplines.

Quality Engineering
Co-published with Taylor & Francis, this journal examines in-depth, practical applications of quality technology for engineers.

Quality Management Journal
A source for practical application of quality research in the broad field of management.

Six Sigma Forum Magazine
The first magazine addressing the specific needs of Six Sigma professionals.

Software Quality Professional
Addresses the application of quality principles to the development and use of software and software-based systems.

Published in conjunction with the American Statistical Association, this journal focuses on statistics for the physical, chemical, and engineering sciences.


Quality Approaches in Higher Education
An online, double-blind, peer-reviewed journal  that engages the higher education community in a discussion of improving quality and identifying best practices in higher education. Sponsored by the ASQ Education Division.

Quality Management Forum 
The quarterly refereed publication of the Quality Management Division (QMD). The Forum includes articles on quality management as well as information on QMD activities.

Primers on Human Development and Leadership
A core offering of the Human Development & Leadership Division, primers focus on topics related to personal and professional growth and leadership skills development.