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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tribute to Russ Westcott (RIP)

On Feb. 14, I was informed that Russ Westcott had passed away.  It is with sadness and respect that I take a moment to acknowledge Russ as a friend and colleague, and as a major contributor to ASQ and our Quality profession.

I knew Russ as a constant and frequent presence within the Quality Management Division, and as an educator and mentor in ASQ.  In addition to his prolific writing, Russ was an effective instructor whose influence and guidance enabled many to successfully attain their certification in ASQ's Quality Management program.

At the 2015 WCQI, I had the privilege of partnering with Russ to answer questions and receive visitors to the Quality Management Division booth.  Russ impressed me with his energy, wit, and delightful personality.  He was always very gracious to anyone who had questions for him, and his astute recollection of facts and quality principles made him very much in demand as a person to meet and engage at the conference.  He was very cordial and personable, and I enjoyed his companionship and conversation.

Russ was very much a product of a past era, when ASQC was at its peak and Quality people demonstrated their convictions by their personal examples in work and life.  I was very honored to have interacted with Russ, shoulder to shoulder, as an ASQ Fellow, Quality Press author, and QMD Member Leader. 

Russ will be in my thoughts at WCQI 2017, and anything that I may do to share or impart mentorship, instruction, influence, or guidance to future generations of Quality practitioners will be done as a tribute to the legacy and inspiration of Russ Westcott.