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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Require ASQ Certifications for Continuous Improvement Role

I read with interest a recent posting by ASQ for hiring an internal role: Senior Continuous Improvement Analyst.

The summary of the role includes the following description, which appears to align with the typical capabilities and credentials expected of a person in possession of an ASQ certification.

 identifying and implementing process efficiencies, establishing a company-wide standard for continuous improvement, completing in-depth data analysis to inform strategies and working closely with Human Resources to facilitate culture change management. This position reports directly to the Executive Director of Strategy and Operational Excellence.

However within this description, I was astonished to find that no ASQ certifications were required, and in fact ASQ preferred someone with project management certification.

A Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, Business, Organizational Development, or a relevant field. A certification in project management is strongly preferred.
At least 5 years of experience working with data analysis, project management, and/or continuous improvement.
For an Analyst role, I think that ASQ would be very well served by considering applicants who possess one of several pertinent ASQ Certifications.

In the interest of ASQ and its membership, my professional and personal recommendation is that the minimum requirements for any Continual Improvement role sought by ASQ be modified to include:
- Certified Quality Improvement Associate
- Certified Quality Process Analyst
- Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt and/or Green Belt

This revision will demonstrate that ASQ prioritizes its own quality certifications, and reinforces to the ASQ membership that its credentials are valued and preferred to those of its direct competitors.

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