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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What Exactly is ASQ Canada?

Nov. 11, 2015 is a time of celebration, reflection, and honoring our nations and cultures.  Whether you observe Remembrance Day, Armistice Day, Veterans Day, or Diwali, this is a day where a moment should be taken from your daily routines for contemplation and renewal.
As I contemplate the traditions and possibilities within my own country, Canada, I thought that it would be appropriate to take a moment to clarify exactly what is meant by ASQ Canada.  During my short time as a Regional Director of Region 4, I have observed some confusing and conflicting impressions and communications.

The source of information about ASQ is naturally the ASQ website at www.asq.org.  I have identified some very important references which I will share.

1. ASQ Timeline

The ASQ Timeline provides an interesting diverse history of ASQ, following its progress into the global professional organization into which it has currently evolved.  In 2004, there was an official recognition of the ASQ Region 4 to be classified as ASQ Canada.

ASQ’s board of directors voted to change the name of Region 4, which represented all 15 Canadian Sections, to ASQ Canada.

This is reinforced by the official description of ASQ Canada in a subsequent page.

2. Canada - Global Community

This is a dedicated page that summarizes ASQ as a professional organization for Canadians in Quality, and provides a link to the ASQ Sections in Canada and their chairs.


ASQ is the professional association of choice for quality professionals in Canada.
ASQ Canada is a community of 16 Canadian Sections from across the country. It includes nearly 5,000 members who bring quality to their work and their lives. ASQ Canada advances quality in all sectors through local workshops, inspirational presentations, plant tours, and monthly networking events.
Find the Right Work Force
Post your job opportunity and reach quality professionals in Canada.

Just to clarify, although the sections are located in Canadian cities and provinces, membership is available to citizens and residents of USA or international countries.  Mobility of membership and proximity to customers and business operations may create an advantage to joining a Canadian section.

3. ASQ Community Development

I am delighted to work with the ASQ Community Development team.  This exceptional team of ASQ staff members is based in the Canadian-adjacent state of Wisconsin, in the warm and welcoming city of Milwaukee. There are dedicated employees who support the teams of volunteers and member leaders in Canada with administrative, communications, and professional assistance.  For this reason, ASQ does not have a distinct office in Canada itself, nor should one be required when we are a toll-free call (1-800-248-1946) from receiving exceptional Customer Care from ASQ.

While ASQ Sections may have mailing addresses and business operations in Canadian cities, there are no full-time staff members permanently located in Canada.  All society-related communications and publicity is managed from the ASQ head office in Milwaukee, WI, USA.

4. Organization of ASQ Canada

As mentioned above, ASQ Canada refers to the geographic segmentation of ASQ into manageable units.  The link redirects the user to the ASQ Organization Manual which communicates the leadership from the top levels of ASQ to its constituent member units.

- Executive Council
- Board of Directors
- Section Affairs Council (Which includes Region 4 a.k.a ASQ Canada)
- Regional Director/ Deputy Regional Directors (as appointed by RD)
- Section Chairs
- Section Leadership team

With respect to Divisions, there is a Technical Communities Council which governs the various ASQ Divisions, Interest Groups, and Technical Committees. There are also committees, interest groups, and certification teams shown in the ASQ Leadership Manual.

It's very simple and straightforward.  The Section Chair of an ASQ Section is the ASQ Canada leader for that geography, and should be treated as such.  As the current Regional Director, I serve as a liaison between the ASQ Sections and the Section Affairs Council (think of it as a parliamentary body), and in turn work with the Sections to ensure that required levels of vitality, activity, and compliance are met.

The ASQ has other Technical Communities with regional or international councilors.  These individuals are certainly welcome to work with the section at the local level, or the RD or DRD across Canada.  However with respect to ASQ Canada as a regional entity, there are no officers or official roles beyond the elected Regional Director or the appointed Deputy Regional Directors.  To claim otherwise is in violation of ASQ Bylaws (2.3.6) by which Members shall not claim to represent the Society in any unauthorized manner.

5. ASQ Canada summarized from membership upwards

- ASQ has different types of members, ranging from Organizational to Student, Associate, Full, Senior, Fellow, and Honorary members.
- ASQ Members in Canada generally belong to one of the ASQ Sections, primarily assigned by geographic proximity.  This can be amended at the request of the ASQ member.
- ASQ Sections in Canada comprise Region 4, which in 2004 was approved by the ASQ Board of Directors to refer to itself as ASQ Canada
- ASQ Canada is part of the portfolio of ASQ regions, and is represented by a Regional Director (as a voting member of ASQ Section Affairs Council) and Deputy Regional Directors (non-voting members of ASQ Section Affairs Council)
- ASQ Section Affairs (SAC) reports up to the ASQ Board of Directors, which is led by the ASQ Executive Council.

These are the legitimate positions within ASQ Canada, as documented within the current ASQ references and policies.  If there are any questions or clarifications required, please contact ASQ Customer Care at 1-800-248-1946.

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