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Friday, March 13, 2015

Encouraging the Next Generation of STEM Professionals in Canada

The recent View from the Q blog was an excellent call to action to help those in the younger generations to gain interest and awareness of the possibilities and opportunities in a STEM profession.

In Canada, there is a program and website, Let's Talk Science which targets children aged 3-17 and emphasizes interesting programs in science and technology.  This program draws from and engages educators, volunteers, industry, government, and parents in this initiative.  The success of this program effectively creates the impetus for students to take action and cultivate their STEM knowledge.

From a professional perspective, I am currently engaged on a project requiring a specialized combination of business and technology skills to support a large, complex product development program.  It has proven astonishingly difficult to staff these types of projects with qualified and motivated resources.  Our viability as a society is at risk if we are unable to fulfill business opportunities and have to resort to foreign imported workers in order to acquire the necessary STEM skills.  This diminishes us as a society and inverts our standing as a first-world economy, while exporting talent and experience to our international competitors.

STEM knowledge is essential, not only for the individual earning potential of our future generations, but for the very viability of our national economies, which are being eroded and compromised by competition from nations who have prioritized STEM within their cultural norms and educations systems.

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