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The scope of the subject matter within A QualitEvolution extends to the furthest ranges of quality, business transformation, management science, and quality issues especially pertinent to the members of ASQ in Canada.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Membership Development: Seek First To Understand

As we approach Quality Month, the opportunity for membership development is something for which ASQ sections and divisions should prepare.

It is important to promote and reinforce the positive attributes, and establish the relevance and alignment between the personal priorities of the prospective member and the organization.

Involvement in any organization requires costs and time which have to be justified.  This is especially true in our current age when there are many competing and conflicting pursuits.  For this reason, ASQ, or any organization, must deliver member value commensurate with the time and money invested by its members and participants.

In order to understand where ASQ, or any organization, must align its approach, it is essential to, in the words of St. Francis of Assisi, popularized by Stephen Covey in his many books, Seek First To Understand.

With a better understanding of the passions, aspirations, and life journeys of existing and prospective members, organizations like ASQ can provide a membership experience with more impact and relevance.

Involvement in any activity or organization must be enjoyable in order to build and sustain the necessary fellowship, personal connections, and professional bonds.  Engagement is highly driven by friendships and relationships based on trust and common motives and values.  ASQ attracts like-minded idealists and strives to create a community of choice for Quality practitioners.

The development of long-term membership loyalty extends beyond the individual member to include the spouses, families, and communities of those member.  Consequently it is imperative that there are abundant examples of the positive impacts of ASQ on the community and society.  This reinforces the ethic of being part of something beneficial, and is a source of pride.  The motive then becomes one of continuity and expanding upon a legacy of virtue with even greater achievements.

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