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A QualitEvolution is intended to capture positions and experiences as a participant in the evolution of the Quality profession into the 21st century. From its origins as the brainchild of Corporate Industrial Statisticians, our profession has transformed and evolved to incorporate and adapt to the demands and expectations of our modern existence.

The scope of the subject matter within A QualitEvolution extends to the furthest ranges of quality, business transformation, management science, and quality issues especially pertinent to the members of ASQ in Canada.

Friday, August 1, 2014

ASQ Vision Presentation

Various members of the ASQ Influential Voices have posted their concerns and critiques about the ASQ Mission and Vision.

I thought that it might be helpful and beneficial to share some content from ASQ outlining the progression from the mission and vision to the determination and fulfillment of strategic goals and objectives.  ASQ Managing Director, Brian LeHouiller, presented this information in July 2014 and should be contacted for any questions or clarification at blehouiller@asq.org or 1-800-248-1946.

In my upcoming role as a Regional Director for Canada (Region 4), I look forward to working with the sections to promote and enhance this vision as it applied to the specific needs of our membership and quality community.  If supported by your browser, click the cursor over the images to see a larger view of the text.  If this does not work, please insert a comment and I will forward the image to your email.

This summarizes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in order to define existing gaps within the ASQ domain.  By addressing and closing the explicit gaps, the improvement objectives can be defined and achieved.

This is the summary showing how particular initiatives intended to increase the impact and value to members.

This shows the connection from the ASQ mission and vision to the values, transformation imperatives, objectives, and strategies.  The connectivity and traceability are important to understand, since the completion of objectives and fulfillment of strategies will contribute to the overall accomplishment of the ASQ mission and vision.  "MoC" refers to Members of Community.  According to ASQ, this comprises the larger group of not only paid ASQ members, but anyone who has patronized or purchased goods and services from ASQ (i.e. attended conferences, ordered books from ASQ Press, enrolled in training).

These are the metrics by which ASQ will measure success or alternatively determine the need for improvement.

From this effort, ASQ intends to focus on those objectives which it believes will sustain and enhance the global community of quality professionals.

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