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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Executive Summary of ISO 9001:2015 draft version

I was able to obtain a draft copy of the ISO 9001 2015 version at this location

This copy provides an overview of the Quality Management function, and is intentionally generic to enable application across different locations and industries.

Below is an executive summary which I have posted to highlight the high-level principles and sections of this standard.

Quality Management Principles
QMP 1 – Customer Focus
The primary focus of quality management is to meet customer requirements and to strive to exceed customer expectations.

QMP 2 – Leadership
Leaders at all levels establish unity of purpose and direction and create conditions in which people are engaged in achieving the quality objectives of the organization.

QMP 3 – Engagement of People
It is essential for the organization that all people are competent, empowered and engaged in delivering value. Competent, empowered and engaged people throughout the organization enhance its capability to create value.

QMP 4 – Process Approach
Consistent and predictable results are achieved more effectively and efficiently when activities are understood and managed as interrelated processes that function as a coherent system.

QMP 5 – Improvement
Successful organizations have an ongoing focus on improvement.

QMP 6 – Evidence-based Decision Making
Decisions based on the analysis and evaluation of data and information are more likely to produce desired results.

QMP 7 – Relationship Management
For sustained success, organizations manage their relationships with interested parties, such as suppliers.

Quality Management System

·         Leadership and commitment
·         Quality policy
·         Organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities

·         Actions to address risks and opportunities
·         Quality objectives and planning to achieve them
·         Planning of changes

·         Resources
·         Competence
·         Awareness
·         Communication
·         Documented information

·         Operational planning and control
·         Determination of market needs and interactions with customers
·         Operational planning process
·         Control of external provision of goods and services
·         Development of goods and services
·         Production of goods and provision of services
·         Release of goods and services
·         Nonconforming goods and services

Performance evaluation
·         Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation
·         Internal Audit
·         Management review

Continual improvement
·         Nonconformity and corrective action
·         Improvement


  1. I attended Dr. Nigel Croft's seminar entitled "The next version of ISO 9001 - What to expect" on 19 May 2012 and summarized in my blog at http://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2012/05/hkqaa-seminar-on-next-version-of-iso.html .
    You are welcome to visit it and compared if any different.

    1. Hi, thank you for sharing. I will check it out.

  2. I am passing on an update from Christopher Paris of Oxebridge announcing the ASQ publication of the ISO 9001:2015 Committee Draft.
    "ASQ has formally published the ISO 9001:2015 Committee Draft, inviting "public comment.""


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