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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WCQI - That's Me Wearing The Hat at the QMD Booth

I noticed on the ASQ website for WCQI, that my likeness from WCQI 2012 in Anaheim is being used as an example for Sponsors and Exhibitors.  I was operating the "Quality Wheel" at the ASQ Quality Management Division booth as the Division Chair, Milt, and a few of his Vice-Chairs looked on with amazement at the crowd of interested attendees.

I wore the fedora to distinguish myself from so many others among the thousands attending the World Conference.  It was part of my look at the booth, when delivering presentations, visiting receptions and hospitality suites, and enjoying myself at the gala.  It worked, as I would not have noticed myself in the picture except for my distinctive hat.

When speaking to a crowd, wearing a hat can go beyond aesthetic benefits to serve practical purposes.  In the heat of the conference rooms when addressing significant numbers (approximately 90-100 people attended my presentations), it is important to not let others see you sweat.  I have compared WCQI presentations to a job interview conducted by a panel of 50+ quality practitioners, who come armed with pointed questions and do not let a detail pass without scrutiny.

As an incentive to attend (and remain until presentations were complete), I offered an ASQ Press book that I co-authored.  Having a hat created an immediate container to collect business cards from which to draw a lucky recipient.  This was particularly useful for the ISE presentation, where the ASQ Software Division had additional books and prizes to present to attendees.

If you are attending, I recommend that you have an affectation to ensure that others can find you.  Conferences are fun and meeting many people within a short time is a great experience.

To those who may have objected or critiqued my choice of attire, this inclusion on the ASQ website validates that a dapper and debonair hat gets noticed and draws attention.

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