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Monday, December 31, 2012

WCQI Program - So Many Choices, So Little Time

The Program for the upcoming WCQI 2013 is now available online.  This is a very impressive selection of compelling speakers and interesting topics.

    SessionNumber SessionTitle
Taz Daughtrey ISE02 (Software) Software Reliability Engineering Contributions to Software Security
Ron Snee ICQI 06 Creating Stable Operations: A Systems Approach
Prashant Hoskote ICQI 07 Implementing an Enterprise-wide Quality Management System
Deborah Hopen M05 When David Has to Satisfy Goliath
Lori Dellinger M10 Navigating a Multigenerational Workforce
Duke Okes ICQI 12 4 + Uses for SIPOC
Eric Michrowski M20 Social Media: Key Opportunities for Quality Professionals
Linda Westfall ISE05 (Software) Panel: Software is Everywhere - and How to Live With It
Taz Daughtrey ISE05 (Software) Panel: Software is Everywhere - and How to Live With It
Jd Marhevko ICQI 16 Driving a Quality/Lean Steering Committee
David Walker ISE06 (Software) Leveraging the CMMI to Pursue Excellence in Software Development
Burton Liebesman ICQI 19 Linked Quality and Financial Case Studies
Denis Devos T14 Creating a Lean Culture at Ecolab
Linda Westfall ISE08 (Software) Risk-based Configuration Control  Balancing Flexibility With Stability
Connie Borror ICQI 21 Seven Super Tools for Healthcare Improvement
Tracy Owens ICQI 23 Innovation Live!!!
Grace Duffy ICQI 24 Use a School of Fishbones for Process Improvement
Elizabeth Cudney ICQI 25 Continual Improvement in Large Health Networks
Ron Meier ICQI 28 Implementing Enterprise-wide Risk Management
Lars Sorqvist W13 Cross-functional Support Process Management
Peter Merrill W18 Collaborating for Creativity and Change

I have drafted an initial Itinerary for myself, but as one can observe, there are many schedule conflicts.Having been a member of multiple divisions, committees, and peer groups, I have had the opportunity to cross paths with some very impressive practitioners.  While the list above represents a small fraction of the speakers, I can personally attest to having collaborated or partnered with them in the course of my ASQ involvement.  While some are peers and "fellow travelers", others have been inspirational mentors to me and would be valuable resources with whom to gain additional insights.

In creating this list for myself, I really find myself at a loss of which individuals to select for attendance.  While I believe that all are deserving of my time and attention, I also have to consider which would reinforce areas which I already know, compared to which topics would effectively stretch and expand my professional knowledge.

This list includes selections from WCQI, ICQI, and ISE, and I am very proud to have previously had the privilege to speak at all three of these conferences in 2011 and 2012.  The interesting thing is that I have drafted an itinerary solely on the basis of being acquainted with the individual; there are so many more options for a conference attendee to partake and enjoy.

I have listed below how I am acquainted with the selected speaker.  In all cases, their interactions with me were positive and impressive, and I could vouch for the value they will deliver to conference attendees.

Taz Daughtrey (ASQ Fellow, ASQ Software Division editor and author, co-collaborator on upcoming ASQ Cost of Quality book)

Ron Snee (ASQ Fellow, IAQ Academician)

Prashant Hoskote (ASQ Quality Management Division Member-Leader)

Deborah Hopen (ASQ Quality Management Division award recipient)

Lori Dellinger  (ASQ Service Quality Division Chair, ASQ Committee Chair)

Duke Okes  (ASQ Quality Management Division Member-Leader)

Eric Michrowski  (Fellow Canadian - Vancouver resident)

Linda Westfall  (ASQ Software Division author and speaker - generously gave me one of her ASQ Press books in 2010 for attending her ISE session - a practice which I emulated in 2012)

Jd Marhevko (ASQ Fellow, ASQ Quality Management Division - Past Chair and Mentor) 

David Walker (ASQ Software Division - generously provided me with opportunity to address 2012 ISE)

Burton Liebesman   (ASQ Fellow, ASQ EEC Division Chair, ASQ Quality Management Division Technical Committee member - Mentor)

Denis Devos  (ASQ Fellow and Fellow Canadian - ASQ Quality Management Division Canadian Liaison)

Connie Borror (ASQ Fellow, past Division Chair)

Tracy Owens (ASQ Quality Management Division - Member-Leader)

Grace Duffy (ASQ Fellow, ASQ Quality Management Division - Past Chair and Mentor)

Elizabeth Cudney (IAQ Associate, ASQ Awards Committee (Feigenbaum Medallist) member)

Ron Meier (ASQ Quality Management Division - Member-Leader)

Lars Sorqvist (IAQ Academician, Vice-President)

Peter Merrill (ASQ Quality Management Division - Member-Leader; Canadian Quality Congress Keynote Speaker)

I have provided the connection to the speakers, which in turn can help anyone connected to me through Influential Voices or any of the ASQ initiatives in which I have been involved.  If there is a lesson to be reinforced it is this
- Get involved with the ASQ Divisions and ASQ Committees to obtain connections to influential and prestigious leaders in our profession.
- Aspire to be included in select groups (ASQ Fellow, International Academy for Quality) to entrench your international network.
- Support your peers and colleagues, and promote their successes.  If you believe that "A rising tide lifts all boats", you will benefit by positive association.

Enjoy 2013 - the best years of Quality are ahead and waiting to be realized.

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